Plum Orange Jelly

This is another great plum recipe because you can just throw all the plums into a pot and cook them down without worrying about pitting them. You’ll strain out all the pits and skins later, and rather than worrying about getting a completely clear liquid when you strain it, as you usually do with jelly recipes, this one is actually better when a little pulp gets into the mixture. The orange gives it a really unique flavor.

Plum Jelly

Cook down a bunch of plums and strain through a fine sieve or a jelly bag. Don’t worry about keeping it totally clear. Some pulp is fine. Just get pits and skins out.

5 cups of the cooked and strained plum mixture
1 tbsp grated orange peel/zest
6 tbsp pectin
5 ½ cups sugar
¼ cup orange liquor or juice of the orange you zested

Follow jelly directions on the pectin package.





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