Plum Liqueur Recipe

At a plum harvest recently, I got to chatting with the homeowners, who had this huge beautiful red plum tree in their backyard. They were overwhelmed by plums every summer, and spent most of their plum-time scraping them off their back porch and discarding them. They started asking us about plum recipes, and I realized we ought to be sharing some ideas with y’all for how to use all this amazing abundance of fruit that we’re salvaging from the waste stream. So here’s s super simple, decadently delicious recipe to get started. This one’s nice because you don’t have to deal with pitting the plums, just throw them in the jar!

Plum Liqueur

1 ½ lbs plums
Quart jar
1/3 cup sugar
Cinnamon stick
Enough vodka to cover plums

Fill canning jar with plums and cinnamon

Pour sugar over top

Fill with vodka

Put a lid on it and let it sit for several weeks, shaking occasionally.

Sip and enjoy responsibly. Yum! Goes really well mixed with bubbly water, or Wiley’s Ginger Ale!

Plum Jar



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